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Derbyshire landslip repairs are 'huge cost burden'

Derbyshire landslip repairs are 'huge cost burden'

The bill for repairing roads damaged by landslips is putting a huge strain on budgets, officials in Derbyshire have said.

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The county council said it was dealing with more than 200 cases, including six road closures.

Its budget to repair roads, pavements and bridges is £27m, but it said just one project could cost up to £15m.

With climate change bringing more extreme weather, the authority has called for more funding for repairs.

It said it had 217 landslip incidents logged, with six major enough to force road closures.

In February the A57 Snake Pass was closed for a month after heavy rainfall led to slumps in three places.

Lea Road between Cromford and Lead Bridge was shut in January 2020, a closure that has drawn anger from many residents.

Kewal Singh Athwal, cabinet member for highways assets and transport, said: "We totally understand their frustration but we are governed by the elements.

"Since we first started working on this area it has had two or three more landslips and we have had to redesign the whole scheme."